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  1. Make sure you are not searching for a Portuguese word in the English to Portuguese direction, or for an English word in the Portuguese to English direction.
  2. If your query contains more than one word, make sure you surround each word with double quotation marks: "like" "this".
  3. Check that your search expression contains no spelling mistakes.
    1. If you need to use a Portuguese diacritic and your keyboard doesn't have it, use the Diacritic insensitive option. This will allow you to type nao and find não.
    2. Check that you haven't hit the "caps lock" key. COMPARA is case-sensitive. If you want to look up a word in both capital and small letters, use the Case insensitive option, and by typing , you will be able to retrieve , and .
  4. Remember COMPARA is not a morphological analyser:
    1. say will not retrieve the inflected forms of "say"; try searching for (say|says|said|saying)
    2. branco will not retrieve the inflections of "branco"; try searching for (branco|brancos|branca|brancas) or branc[oa]s*. The Portuguese part of COMPARA has been syntactically annotated, however, so you already can use [lema="dizer"] or [lema="branco"] to get all forms of the verb dizer or of the addjective branco, respectively.
    3. More help on the query syntax can be found here
  5. If your query involves a very long combination of words, like "as" "a" "rule" "of" "thumb" "you" "need" "a" "litre" "of" "paint" "to" "every" "12" "square" "metres" "of" "wall", try searching for something shorter, like "as" "a" "rule", or "rule" "of" "thumb" or rule; don't forget to surround each word with double quotation marks.
  6. Maybe the word or words you were looking for simply do not exist in COMPARA: the corpus contains only fiction for now, so it is unlikely that you will find many technical terms in it.
Do you still need help? Send us an message explaining what you were looking for and which search expression you used. We'll try to suggest how your search can be improved.

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