Frankenberg-Garcia & Santos 2003 (forthcoming)

Ana Frankenberg-Garcia & Diana Santos. "Apresentando o COMPARA, um corpus português-inglês na Web", Cadernos de Tradução X (2001), Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil.

Translation of the title: Presenting COMPARA, a Portuguese-English corpus on the Web

COMPARA is an open-ended corpus of Portuguese and English language texts aligned with their respective English and Portuguese translations. The corpus was designed to be useful to translators, language students and teachers as well as to lexicographers, linguists and researchers working with natural language processing. COMPARA's alignment and encoding criteria allow users to analyse not only how words and expressions have been translated, but also translators' notes and differences in source and translation sentence structure. In addition to this, COMPARA accommodates more than one translation per source text. The corpus is encoded according to the IMS Corpus Workbench system and is searchable on the Web via the DISPARA interface. Access to COMPARA is free.

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