Afonso et al. 2002a

Afonso, Susana, Eckhard Bick, Renato Haber & Diana Santos. "Floresta sintá(c)tica: primeiro ano", http://www.linguateca.pt/treebank/Afonsoetal2002.rtf

Translation of the title: Floresta sintá(c)tica: first year

This paper is an extended version of Afonso et al. 2002c, documenting what was done in the Floresta Sintá(c)tica project in its first year.

We present in some detail the motivation (section 1), the organization (section 2), and mention in passing several other treebank projects in section 3.

Then we devote a large part of the paper (Section 4) to the workflow, and discuss specifically what the two revision phases are supposed to do, in the constraint grammar format, and in the árvores deitadas ("lying trees") format.

We then present some data about time measuring in Section 4.3, with and without the tools developed, and some description of the tools is offered in Section 5.

Section 6 is devoted to the results so far, with a subsection about the organiaztion of the documentation, and another about the documentation process in itself.

Section 7 reports on a preliminary inter-annotator agreement test, and section 8 concludes with reflections for further work.

Two appendices describe respectively the PALAVRAS parser and the CETEMPúblico corpus.

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