Veiga & Santos 2001

Veiga, Pedro & Diana Santos. "Contributo para o processamento computacional do português: o CRdLP", in Maria Helena Mira Mateus (ed.), Mais Línguas, Mais Europa: celebrar a diversidade linguística e cultural da Europa (Actas do colóquio de 25 a 26 de Janeiro de 2001) , Lisboa: Edições Colibri, pp. 103-109.

Translation of the title: A contribution to the computational processing of Portuguese: CRDLP

In this paper a distributed resource center for the computational processing of Portuguese, preliminarily named CRdLP, is presented.

We start by discussing briefly what NLP is and what kinds of applications it is concerned with, stressing both that natural language is the best way to encode information, and that to be able to use one's own native language a human right.

The center is then introduced by presenting in turn

and the paper continues by giving a broad presentation of the current projects under the Computational Processing of Portuguese, which can be said to be CRdLP's precursor.
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