Santos 2000

Diana Santos. "O projecto Processamento Computacional do Português: Balanço e perspectivas", in Maria das Graças Volpe Nunes (ed.), Actas do V Encontro para o processamento computacional da língua portuguesa escrita e falada (PROPOR'2000) (Atibaia, São Paulo, Brasil, 19 a 22 de Novembro de 2000), pp. 105-113.

Translation of the title: The Computational Processing of Portuguese project: Evaluation and perspectives

This paper describes the Computational Processing of Portuguese project, providing an overview of its work in three areas: the building and maintenance of a resource catalogue for NLP of Portuguese; the serving of corpora through the World Wide Web; and the evaluation of tools and resources.

The paper emphasises strategic options, presenting mainly material not subjected to (previous) scientific publication, such as the administration of the Web pages, the version numbering of corpora, and the plans for tool distribution.

In the second part, a distributed resource center in its creation phase is presented, which is the logical continuation of the work of the past two years.

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