Santos & Ranchhod 99

Diana Santos & Elisabete Ranchhod. "Ambientes de processamento de corpora em português: Comparação entre dois sistemas", Actas do IV Encontro sobre o Processamento Computacional da Língua Portuguesa (Escrita e Falada), PROPOR (Évora, 20-21 de Setembro 1999), pp. 257-268.

Translation of the title: Corpus processing environements for Portuguese: a comparison between two systems

In this paper we compare two corpus processing systems, the IMS-CWB and the INTEX, drawing on each author's longterm experience with one of them. First, we give a short introduction to INTEX in Section 2 and to the IMS-CWB in Section 3, making brief reference to the work done for Portuguese using these two workbenches. Then we compare the two systems in general according to: In this last subsection, by far the largest, we discuss linguistic expressiveness, query power, result presentation, structure encoding, punctuation handling, as well as features existing only in one of the systems, such as the graphical interface for creating disambiguating grammars of INTEX, and the invocation of external programs as virtual attributes of the IMS-CWB.

We conclude pointing out the different underlying philosophies of the two systems, as well as stating that many of each systems capabilties were not even mentioned, let alone discussed, for lack of space.

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