Santos 1999c

Diana Santos. "Um olhar computacional sobre a tradução". T&T: Terminología y Traducción 2/99, pp.124-37.

Translation of the title: A computational view on translation

In this paper I discuss, from a computational point of view, some misconceptions about machine translation and translation in general. I start by making the following three claims:
  1. one should concentrate on the differences between the languages in question (not on their similarities) and base translation on contrastive studies;
  2. one must pay due attention to the language systems as a whole, and not presuppose equivalence at any level; and
  3. there is no essential difference between machine and human translation: they share several problems and the same misconceptions apply to both.
I present then briefly the architecture of a particular machine translation system, a set of simple contrastive pairs illustrating several issues, and a descriptive model of translation (the translation network). I also provide some considerations on false friends and translationese, and point to the new trend in computer-assisted translation of making use of previous human translations, concluding by criticizing the low status of translation, both human and automatic.
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