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To use SUPeRB dinamically to create references, in other pages, you should do the following:

1 - Go to Search in catalogue. After searching in SUPeRB, choose «How to use these results?» on the right side menu.

2 - Use the following link in a html page where you want to put the references:

Add, after the "=", the correspondent value or modify the ones that have already the value.

For instance, if you pretend to search by "João Almeida" between 2000 and 2011 the link will be as follows:;EI=1;EI_EDI=1;ANOI=2000;ANOF=2011;LNG=..;TAGEOU=ou;formato=texto;LRESP=pt;ord=ano;ord2=aut;script_link=1

"%25C3%25A3" - It's the hexadecimal for "ã".

AUT - Author
EDI - Editor
TIT - Títle
ANOI -Year start
ANOF - Year end
LRESP - Language you want the results (pt, en or no)
ord - order by ... (ano, aut, ...)
ord2 - second order by... (ano, aut, ...)

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