Afonso et al. 2002c

Afonso, Susana, Eckhard Bick, Renato Haber & Diana Santos. "Floresta sintá(c)tica: um treebank para o português", Actas do XVII Encontro da Associação Portuguesa de Linguística (Lisboa, Outubro de 2001), Porto: APL, 2002, pp..

Translation of the title: Floresta sintá(c)tica ('Syntactical forest'): a treebank for Portuguese

In this paper we present the treebank project for Portuguese linguists.

In addition to describe the overall creation process as collaborative joint process between VISL and the Computational processing of Portuguese project, we take pains to describe non-trivial syntactic decisions with detailed examples.

We also mention the tools created in the project, for tree revision and treebank access, and the large effort put in documentation.

Finally, we give a quantitative overview of the work done so far, also reporting on the attempt of measuring inter-annotator agreement.

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