Oksefjell & Santos 1998

Oksefjell, Signe and Santos, Diana. "Breve panorâmica dos recursos de português mencionados na Web". In Anais do Terceiro Encontro de Processamento da Língua Portuguesa (Escrita e falada), PROPOR'98 (Porto Alegre, 3-4 November 1998), pp.38-47.

Translation of the title:A brief overview of Portuguese resources on the Web

This paper gives a brief overview of the information given on our Web page on Portuguese language resources (http://www.portugues.mct.pt/recursos.html). One of the first actions of our project Processamento Computacional do Português was to create a list of existing language resources for Portuguese. In the article we list a number of resources, e.g. Portuguese language corpora, electronic dictionaries, computational tools. In the future, the intention is to evaluate the resources and make this information publicly available on the Internet.

The paper does not intend to be more then a report on the state-of-the-art of Portuguese language resources, dated 7 October 1998. One of the intentions is to motivate researchers to produce and to make more information available on the Internet. We believe that the list of resources serves to illustrate, although not exhaustively, the work that has been done in the processing of the Portuguese language. Further, the list will facilitate the reuse of resources at the same time as it points to specific areas in need of more investigation.

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