Santos 2002c

Santos, Diana. "Med e com: um estudo contrastivo português - norueguês", Actas do XV congresso dos romanistas escandinavos ROMANIST'2002 (Universidade de Oslo, Agosto de 2002), Oslo: University of Oslo

Translation of the title: Med and com: a Portuguese-Norwegian contrastive study

In this paper several quantitative investigations are described, based on Portuguese monolingual corpora, Norwegian monolingual corpora, and parallel corpora (English-Portuguese and English-Norwegian) in order to investigate the differences between the standard translation of with in the two languages. This paper is meant to be both illustrative / didactic from a corpus-based perspective. However, it also raises a challenging question: how much a single study, no matter how broad and deep, can actually prove or disprove contrastive claims, when there are no other data for other phenomena that can serve as comparison?

Another interesting subject slightly discussed is the use of a third language as an additional resource (in this case, English) for contrastive studies between languages for which there are no parallel corpora.

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