Linguateca organized AVALON' 2003 - Encontro de Avaliação Conjunta de Sistemas de Processamento Computacional do Português (Workshop for Evaluation Campaigns for Portuguese), which took place on the 28 June 2003 at the Universidade do Algarve, as a satellite to PROPOR' 2003 - VI Encontro para o Processamento Computacional da Língua Portuguesa Escrita e Falada (6th Workshop on Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language - Written and Spoken).

AVALON'2003 is part of Linguateca's activities for priming evaluation contests for Portuguese, and is a follow-up to the previously held Encontro Preparatório, Faro, June 2002.


9h15-12h:Morfolimpíadas (First evaluation contest for Portuguese, for morphological analysers)
9h15-10h:Detailed presentation of methodology and problems
10h-11h:Presentation of the systems and feedback from the participants concerning future editions
11h-11h45:Plenary discussion
11h45-12h:Public presentation of results
12h-13h:Lunch break
13h-14h30:IR evaluation
13h-13h30:Invited lecture
13h30-14h:Presentation of several IR test collections
15h-17h:Evaluation of machine translation and other bilingual applications/b>
15h-16h:MT evaluation: what has been done
16h-16h30:Plenary discussion
16h30-17h:Suggestion of an evaluation contest for aligment
17h15-19h30:Parsing evaluation
17h15-18h15:Named entity recognition for Portuguese: suggestion of an evaluation contest
18h30-19h30:Floresta Sintá(c)tica: should we replant it? Discussion about an existing treebank

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