Linguateca is a distributed language resource center for Portuguese, which was launched as a result of the project Computational Processing of Portuguese and inherited its mission while enlarging its aims.


Our mission is to raise the quality of Portuguese language processing, through the removal of difficulties for the researchers and developers involved. This is done by

Main activities

The activities we have been conducting so far include

We also provide the following information services to the community interested in the processing of the Portuguese language: See our publications and public presentations to have an idea of our activity.

Present constitution

Since 2011 Linguateca has only computational support from FCCN, so all work is done voluntarily by the team.

Until 2009, Linguateca had the following nodes:

Linguateca's initial node, after the Computational processing of Portuguese project (1998-2000). Responsible for the SINTEF node: Diana Santos and Luís Costa [activity started May 2000]
Braga, at Departamento de Informática da Universidade do Minho
Responsible for the DI/UM node: José João Dias de Almeida [activity started November 2000]
Odense, through a collaboration with the VISL project
Responsible for the VISL node: Eckhard Bick [activity started November 2000]
Oporto, at Centro de Linguística da Universidade do Porto/FLUP
Responsible for the CLUP node: Belinda Maia [activity started October 2002]
Lisbon, through joint leadership of the COMPARA project
Responsible: Ana Frankenberg-Garcia [activity started November 2002]
Lisbon, at XLDB/LasiGE, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Responsible for the XLDB node: Mário Gaspar da Silva [activity started January 2004]
Coimbra, at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Coimbra
Responsible for the FCUC node: Paulo Gomes [activity started July 2005]

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Last updated 18 June 2018.
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