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The AC/DC project stands for Acesso a corpora/Disponibilização de corpora ("acess and availability of corpora"), and is one of the activities of Linguateca, previously the Computational Processing of Portuguese project.

The physical address for this service, launched on 23 September 1999, is /ACDC/.

The underlying corpus management system is CWB (a new version of the IMS corpus workbench).

Main goals

One of the goals of Linguateca is to improve significantly the conditions for NLP of Portuguese, namely by

Corpora currently offered and their rough characterization

For each corpus, we present:

(Table below last changed 04 September 2021)

VarietyShort description
AmostRA-NILC134.104105.4494.966BRAmostRA-NILC: pos-tagged sample of NILC Corpus
ANCIB1.672.5051.243.06880.775BRBrazilian discussion list (moderated) on library science
Avante!7.760.3456.504.283222.852PTArticles from Portuguese party-political newspaper Avante!, 1997-2002
Corpus Brasileiro1.163.931.824984.063.06444.735.853BROne thousand million words of Brazilian Portuguese from several genres
CD HAREM290.001225.76612.558PT BRGolden collection of the First and Second HAREMs
CETEMPúblico234.483.623190.603.6057.025.563PTTwo-paragraph excerpts from a major Portuguese daily newspaper, PÚBLICO, 1991-1998
CHAVE125.685.04199.205.5994.762.534PT BRArticles from major daily newspapers PÚBLICO and Folha de São Paulo, 1994-1995
Ciência Viva799.312656.79127.271PTScience dissemination texts written in Portuguese newspapers
Colonia6.710.6005.034.438284.823PT BRHistorical corpus of Brazilian amd Portuguese texts from XVIth to XXth centuries
CONDIVport7.038.1545.485.346297.837PT BRArticles from sports newspapers and fashion or health magazines from three periods (1950s, 1970s and 2000s), from the CONDIVport project
CONDIVport2209.041172.4976.534PT BRArticles from daily newspapers from the 2010s, from the CONDIVport project
CoNE918.350673.45631.563PT BRSpam or general e-mail messages
C-Oral-Brasil435.234263.63230.634BRC-Oral-Brasil, Brazilian Portuguese informal speech
CORDIAL-SIN1.482.160844.57198.010PTCorpus CORDIAL-SIN, oral interviews in Portugal
DHBB15.811.41113.910.760457.101BREnclyclopedic entries in a Brazilian historical dictionary
DiaCLAV7.722.3736.550.993210.373PTArticles from four Portuguese regional newspapers, Diário de Coimbra, Diário de Leiria, Diário de Aveiro, Viseu Diário
Diáspora TL-PT29.36521.8551.038TLDiaspora TL-PT, interviews of East-Timorese in Portugal
ECI-EBR917.787723.53344.384BRCorpus Borba-Ramsey of Brazilian Portuguese
ECI-EE32.13327.130839PTCall for the EU ESPRIT program
ENPCPUB (parte em português)93.16472.3744.371PT BRTranslated fiction from English, subset of the ENPC corpus
Floresta5.815.3594.779.248257.017PT BRThe Floresta treebank
FrasesPB23.17819.141652BRIndividual sentences in Brazilian Portuguese
FrasesPP20.22216.236676PTIndividual sentences in European Portuguese
Mariano Gago696.839571.31823.303PTTexts by and about José Mariano Gago
Literateca46.949.86433.613.3892.108.707PT BRLusophone literary works in the public domain
Marielle, presente!501.932405.85120.444BRTexts by and about Marielle Franco
Moçambula71.39958.2672.321MOMessages from readers to Mozambican newspapers
Museu da Pessoa2.004.2821.422.43493.554PT BRTranscriptions of oral interviews from Museu da Pessoa
Natura/Minho2.208.2111.748.64469.099PTUnedited version of articles for Diário do Minho, a regional newspaper in Portugal
NOBRE10.788.2037.862.011451.651PTPortuguese literary works in the public domain
OBras10.806.2967.613.419483.965BRBrazilian literary works in the public domain
PANTERA, lado português939.091636.18943.240todasWorks translated from and to Norwegian (excerpts)
P'lo Norte53.70340.9092.384PTBlogs about Norway written by Portuguese blogers
Português Falado - Documentos Autênticos102.22263.3524.735todasTranscribed interviews from ten different locations where Portuguese is spoken
ReLi188.882153.0028.392BRReLi, corpus of book appraisals
NILC/São Carlos44.717.31934.039.0432.054.099BRVarious texts from the NILC Corpus: newspaper, commercial letters and educational texts
todos juntos1.562.455.5021.301.503.35258.661.295todasAll corpora together
Tycho Brahe4.211.7343.333.948133.136PT BRCorpus Tycho Brahe, historical texts
Vercial20.983.97714.813.382999.455PTPortuguese fiction, 16th to XXth century, from Projecto Vercial
Total3.289.694.7422.729.081.345123.758.004PT BRall corpora

We provide more extensive documentation and information, in Portuguese, about the Corpora, the actual processing and encoding of the several kinds of information present in the corpora (tokenization, sentence separation and annotation).

Actual examples on how to invoke AC/DC can be found in exemplos (in Portuguese) and in a page with some old examples in English.

Also, extensive frequency lists are provided in the frequencies service, per corpus, and in total, and computed for both lemmata and forms, also per PoS. In that page, so far only in Portuguese, you are able both to download them or to search them using regular expressions.

Related projects

The following are related projects also under the scope of Linguateca:

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