Computational processing of Portuguese

The project Computational Processing of Portuguese was the result of an initiative taken by the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology to boost the area of computational processing of the Portuguese language. The project is part of the Ministry's aim to grant native speakers of Portuguese easy access to the ever-increasing information society.

The project was conceived for planning the MCT intervention in the language engineering of Portuguese, and participated in the Whitebook for Science and Technology (our contribution) and in the public debates associated to it.

One of its tasks was the selection of longer-term initiatives in the area. We chose the launching of a distributed language resource center for Portuguese, Linguateca. The project started in May 1988 and turned into the Oslo node of Linguateca in 2002.

Brief history

Our project was launched in May 1998, and one of its first goals was to help profiling the area for policy makers. In this context, we have produced a document for discussion, and drafted a profile of the area of computational processing of Portuguese, which were released for the first time in December 1998. Both were presented and discussed at an open meeting 17 April 1999 in Lisbon.

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